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Samuel S. Green
Managing Director

Samuel S. Green is the founder and Managing Director of Britannic Holdings Corporation.


Educated at Harrogate Grammar School, he is the driving force behind the business, which has grown out of his interest from a young age in Finance and Investment.

Upon leaving formal education at the age of sixteen, Samuel was employed in the construction industry, initially working as a site labourer before progressing into administrative and management roles at regional developer and land promotion company, Yorkshire Land Limited, which is controlled by the Green family.

With a disciplined financial acumen, Samuel is focussed upon growing Britannic Holdings Corporation into a leading private investment management company, with a reputation for excellence in connecting capital and building valuable enterprise.  He is supported by a close team of associates, who are each leaders in their respective areas of practice.

Away from Business, Samuel was elected as the Conservative member for the Wathvale Ward on Harrogate Borough Council prior to its dissolution on 01 April 2023 as a result of Local Government reorganisation and is an active member and supporter of the Conservative Party.  Samuel is also a keen Aviator, having gained his Private Pilots Licence at the age of Seventeen.

T:  +44 (0)7748 793 487


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