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Land & Property Development

Land & Property forms a core part of our portfolio.  From the development of our strategic land assets to investment in residential properties through our Affordable Housing division, Britannic Housing, we have a long standing commitment to the sector.

Parking & Strategic Transport Hubs

Through our subsidiary, Metropolitan Parking Corporation, we are working with private and public sector partners to develop and invest in car parking & Strategic Transport Hubs across the United Kingdom.

Financial Services

Our financial services division, Britannic Capital, covers the full range of private and listed equities, venture capital, distressed assets and arbitrage.

The company maintains a portfolio of investments, with a specific focus upon selecting undervalued securities to be developed and held for the long term and special situations which offer short to medium term capital turnaround.

Investment Record - November 2021


We welcome approaches from individuals and businesses requiring early stage investment.

Practice Areas
  • Private & Listed Equities

  • Venture Capital

  • Distressed Assets

  • Strategic Land​

  • Affordable Housing

  • Commercial Property 

  • Car parking

  • Strategic Infrastructure

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