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All the Money in the World

In an era where money printing seemingly knows no end, it’s easy to see why valuations, particularly of on trend investments like cryptocurrency and tech stocks, as well as IPOs of companies focussed in such industries, have reached dizzying heights. Perhaps egged on further by a new breed of young and tech savvy investors and chat room antics, it may seem to many that the bull run of recent years in such assets knows no end either - particularly if the proverbial shoeshine boy knows anything of it.

Alas, markets can’t defy reality for ever and something must give. As JP Getty knew all too well… All the Money in the World never came easy.

Inflation has been a sleeping giant since the late 80’s, but provoked by a never ending gusher of money, we fear this giant is beginning to stir.

In the words of Napoléon Bonaparte; There lies a sleeping giant, let him sleep for when he wakes, he will move the world!

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