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In Harmony...

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As the saying goes ‘if you lie down with the devil, you’ll wake up in hell’ and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has proven this amongst other things, not least the idiocy of relying on a communist state run by a despot leader to meet our energy needs.

We stand with the people of Ukraine in condemning the barbaric attacks of the Russian State on a sovereign country. We cannot comprehend as we sit here in our homes, safe and warm, far away from these foreign lands - but don’t allow yourself to think that we will not be harmed. Battles are now fought on many fronts and whilst we are safe physically, unlike the many poor innocent men, women and children of Ukraine, make no mistake that we are already at economic war with Russia. The repercussions of which are just beginning and we believe, will come to be felt throughout the world.

We have written previously about the awakening of the inflationary giant. However, the recent rise in energy costs, exacerbated by the current invasion of Ukraine and the free-worlds response, quite rightly, to wage economic war on one of the world’s largest energy providers, will supercharge an already unsustainable underlying state of worldwide economic affairs, in the process shining a spotlight on the already urgent need to secure alternative sustainable forms of energy generation and supply chains.

With many of the UK’s coal fired power stations now gone and demand on the power grid ever increasing, there is a clear need to boost significantly our alternative energy capabilities and capacity. Whatever the fuel of the future may prove to be, we believe renewable energy storage capability will be an intrinsic part of that puzzle.

Our political leaders rarely sing off the same hymn sheet, but in this arena it seems they are in harmony and so are we – literally…

Founded in 2010 and Listed on the stock exchange during November 2021. Harmony Energy is one of the UK’s leading developers, owners and operators of utility-scale battery energy storage. There are few certainties in life, but as sure as night follows day, no matter what the economic outlook, we do need electricity.

Turning back to our Ukrainian kindred; outstripped by the sheer scale and brute force of the Russian army, time is not on their side, but what is evident is their admirable morale and fighting spirit.

This is no time for laughing, so in a pun on an old adage, we’d like to think that in Harmony we’ll be singing all the way to the bank, whilst at the same time supporting a move to a greener world through the take up of sustainable energy and as a result, most importantly, facilitating a complete economic break from Russia and their iron like grip on Europe’s energy supply chain. For once, perhaps a quite genuine and worthwhile ESG investment then.

To Putin, from England, with love.

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